Deer Antler Dog Chew Treat

Deer Antler Dog Chew Treats
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Deer Antler Dog Chew Treat. Made From Fresh & 100% Natural Deer Antler Sheds.

Deer Antler Chews are odor-free, natural, long-lasting and great for dogs. This is the perfect treat for casual to heavy chewers. Deer Antler Chews come in many sizes which make them perfect for small and large dogs alike.

A dogs natural instinct is to search out and chew bones. Antlers are bone. This makes it difficult for a dog to break apart. It is because of this, Antler Dog Chews are one of the longest lasting dog chews available.

Antler Dog Chews are 100% natural and healthy for your dog. Because deer antlers are bone they are rich in minerals and calcium. This can help to enhance your pets overall health. These Antler Dog Chews come from North American Deer and have not been chemically treated, flavored, enhanced, dyed, or treated with preservatives.

They are virtually odorless to humans while they smell delicious to your dog's discerning nose. Antlers are much less likely to chip or splinter compared to processed chews and bones. When dogs chew on antlers, the grinding action will wear down on the chew slowly. All cut edges have been sanded for safety.

Size choice:
Small - 3-4 inches long
Medium - 4-5.5 inches long
Large - 6-7 inches long
X-Large - 8-10 inches long

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