Franky the Fox Squeaker Mat Dog Toy

Franky the Fox Squeaker Mat Dog Toy
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Franky the Fox Squeaker Mat Dog Toy. Say goodbye to regular short-lived single squeaker toys!

Squeaker Mats are durable and have multiple squeakers inside! Even when dogs hunt down and eliminate one squeaker, there are plenty more to go!

Dogs also like to shake and flap the long bodies of these toys.

Some dogs seem to use these as security blankets or pillows for years after they've exhausted some of the squeakers.

Realistic faux fur coat, 12 squeakers and a grunt in the tail, these toys will help satisfy the instinctive nature of your dog.

Toys that mimic the natural colors and textures of animal fur.

Measures: Depth 5 H x 29 W x 6 L inches.

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