Hot Dogs Hottie Labrador Plush Toy

Hot Dogs Hottie Labrador Toy
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Hot Dogs Hottie Labrador Plush Toy. With this fantastically fun Labrador, your little one is bound to have a loving, furry companion both night and day.

And this one doesn’t need to be walked! Filled with an easy-to-remove, lavender-infused grain insert. The gorgeously soothing scent helps aid your child into a natural, calm sleep, while the soft silky material will add a luxurious feel to this furry friend.

Give the insert a minute in the microwave and it’ll keep its heat for hours, providing a warm and snuggly toy for those cold nights. With an easy velcro fastening, this hot dog makes a quick and easy transformation from a pillow to a toy – making it something for your little one to hold on to day and night.


  • Dog toy with heatable insert
  • Super soft fabric
  • Insert fragranced with calming lavender
  • Dimensions: 14" x 13" x 6"
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