I'm Maximum Cat, That's a Fact Children's Book

I'm Maximum Cat, That's a Fact Children's Book
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I'm Maximum Cat, That's a Fact Children's Book. Hard Cover Book, Plush Puppet & Tote Box.

A fat blue cat that is the constant source of jokes and mischievous amusement to others shows us that the right attitude is more important than the facts. Uniqueness can overcome perceived differences and we see beyond color and size that the inside contents are what really counts.

A valuable story of self esteem and equality told from the confidence of a big, fat, blue cat with green stripes that is comfortable knowing that who we are is what's inside our hearts. The story line is about finding uniqueness and not oddities; looking for similarities and not differences.

Max best friend Meesy the Mouse, sums it up: ".... his eyes see beyond color or size, and what matters, what's true, is what inside the blue.....there is much more inside where the true heart resides".


  • Hard cover illustrated book by Debbie Carman.
  • Full color...12" x 9" - 28 pages.
  • Beautifully crafted, soft and huggable!
  • 13" full body puppet with a "meow” sound chip.
  • The puppet enhances the reading experience.
  • Colorfully decorated tote boxes are study cardboard with thick cellophane window and plastic handle.
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